Feasibility study for new products and investment plans for produce for identified markets

Following the development of value-added products and the preparation of a the technical manual for the products developed, the same processing consultant, with the collaboration of INFOSAMAK staff and the participating companies, implemented a feasibility study for the newly developed products. The outcomes of this study was published in manual and distributed to both participating companies and other companies who showed interest in developing value-added seafood products.

The manual termed: “Analysis of market and Feasibility Study for Value-added Seafood Products” comprises two parts. The former consists of detailed analysis of seafood market. It focuses on the European Union area, as it is the main importer of seafood products from Arab countries. In the second part, the processing consultant provides estimates of production cost for some of the selected products taking into consideration the investments required.

To order a copy of the study, please contact INFOSAMAK