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INFOSAMAK's publications are available, with daily to monthly updated market information support.

Infosamak Trade News: Is a monthly newsletter in Arabic and English covering marketing, prices, market tendencies and general news on the fisheries sector and fish processing industries.

European Price Report: issued monthly in English by Globefish and distributed by Infosamak. This publication contains the latest 600 prices of different fish products traded in Europe.

Globefish highlights: This publication gives an overview of the tendencies in the shrimp, tuna, cephalopods, groundfish, fishmeal and fish oil markets and includes a special feature on a topic of specific interest. It is published in French, English Spanish and Arabic.

Infosamak International Magazine: It provides readers with current information regarding trends of fisheries and aquaculture market. The Magazine also focuses on issues related to fish technologies, industries and quality control and their development worldwide. Investment opportunities as well as the situation and perspectives of fisheries and aquaculture sector in Arab countries are also covered.

Fish Inspector: is published quarterly by The FISH INFONetwork members. It contains news on seafood safety, sanitation, International regulations and information research on fish and fishery products

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