Libyan Project for the Modernization of fishery sector

The Libyan Export Promotion Center (LEPC) and the Centre for Marketing Information and Advisory Services for Fishery Products in the Arab Region (INFOSAMAK) signed on August 27th, 2006, a memorandum of understanding by which the two parties agreed to implement the project entitled: “Libyan project for the modernization of fishery sector”. The project aimed at providing technical assistance for Libyan authorities in charge of fishery sector and seafood export. The project activities included the organization of series of training sessions for the benefit of stakeholders involved in fishery sector: fishermen, fishing boat owners, veterinaries, seafood inspectors, technicians in charge of quality assurance in processing plants,officials in charge of fising ports and fish auction management, as well as officials in charge of promotion of seafood trade and marketing, Technical assistance for the upgrading of fishery sector: fishing ports, fish auction, laboratories, etc was also provided in the course of the project duration.