Gabon relies on partnerships to develop its fisheries sector
After Spain a few days ago, the Minister of Fisheries and the Sea, Mrs Prisca KohoNlend (photo), is currently staying in the Kingdom of Morocco. At the head of a large delegation, she represents Gabon at the 5th Edition of the Halieutis Fair, which is held from 21 to 24 February, at the exhibition place in Agadir, Morocco.

The meeting under the sign of new technologies in fishing for better fish contribution in the blue economy is of great importance to the Gabonese government.
And, thanks to this situation, that Prisca KohoNlend will first have to consolidate and further consolidate the cooperation ties forged between the Gabonese Republic and the Kingdom of Morocco in the fisheries sector.
In another part, the Gabonese government member will have to interact with the other participants in order to forge partnerships in the fisheries sector. All the more so, as the organizers stress, the theme chosen for this event aims to promote innovation and scientific research in the fisheries sector.
In addition, Norway, which is a country whose fisheries and aquaculture are the economy main pillars, will be the guest of honor.
It should be noted that prior to this trip to Morocco, Prisca KohoNlend had visited Spain at the Bilbao International Fishing Industry Fair. Event during which she had to talk with several Western and African investors in this sector.
For good governance, 20% of tuna caught in the Atlantic Ocean and delivered to the international market, come from Gabonese waters.