A first in Africa: a high-tech trawler designed by Agadir maritime engineers
The first delivered version of the Blue Wave boat, a completely steel trawler costing MAD 25 million, has already won over many customers, both Moroccan and foreign.

Marine engineers from the port of Agadir have built a steel fishing boat, with features that meet high standards and a performance that attracts foreign investors. Renovating the familiar image of the old fishing boat, this trawler, costing MAD 25 million, is the second of its kind in the world and the first in Africa.

After having succeeded in designing and manufacturing a model ship worthy of the 21st century, the Moroccan architects of the Blue Wave shipyard, located in the port of Agadir, succeeded this time in designing a trawler entirely in steel.
Since then, many clients, Moroccan and foreign, have expressed their interest in this new fishing boat, which has led to the signing of new contracts for the construction of similar boats. This innovative trawler is equipped with a "state-of-the-art innovative propulsion system. Its main engine is electric and the auxiliary generators connected to the engine are of the diesel type,”said Fayçal Mrabet El Terghi, administrative and commercial director of the construction company Navale of Agadir.
“This innovative propulsion system is the second of its kind in the world, as it was first used in the construction of a Dutch ship. It is known for its ability to limit the consumption of diesel and fuel oil used by 30%, and at the same time to reduce carbon dioxide emissions,”he added.
The construction of this trawler took two years. The deadlines were, in fact, exceeded because of the exceptional measures and provisions linked to the sanitary situation, in particular the tightening of export conditions. This delivery represents for Blue Wave a real opportunity to develop on a continental and international level.

Thus, the Ministry of Industry, Trade, and that of Agriculture and Maritime Fisheries have financially supported the development of this project.

The high-tech future of fishing
While technology is driving sweeping changes in virtually every sector of the economy, the fishing industry is still largely in the dark.

However, there is great potential to change the course. Equipping ships with powerful digital tools could help stem the industry's losses. The addition of advanced technology makes management and the fishery itself more efficient.

Fishermen will increase their profits while protecting marine ecosystems. As technology advances, it is possible to envision a future where smart trawlers are equipped with advanced cameras, trackers and other data collection instruments.