Dakhla: A new fish market
Develop fishing activity in Dakhla and thus support its current rise. It is in this sense that His Majesty the King, Mohammed VI, has just inaugurated the new fish market in the city. A new infrasctructure marketing of seafood conducted as part of the implementation of the national strategy "Halieutis" according to the highest international standards. An investment of 26 million dirhams.

Built on a land of 3,070 m2, this imposing hall includes a space for exhibition and refrigerated sales, a cold room and a counter of grading for industrial fish. Infrastructure is also equipped with a reception SAS to identify and weigh the products as well as a SAS for the allotment and dispatch. And that's not all. This hall will also include a veterinary office and administrative and technical premises. A project whose objective is primarily to contribute to the expansion of the coastal fishing and artisanal sector in the city. The new fish market also aims at improving the quality, fluidity and transparency of business transactions referring to the fisheries sector and to enhance the seafood of the region. The infrastructure has been built to encourage and increase domestic consumption of fish products by providing citizens with the best conditions in terms of price, quality, availability and safety.

The new hall was created following three basic principles whose purpose is to preserve the quality of the products in question. First, the human circuit is separated from the pathway of the fish. One speaks then about flows dissociation. Moreover, the principle of compulsory circuit said one-way "principle of forward walking" is respected. Finally, the temperature in sales areas is strictly controlled. The project is built according to the international standards of the highest quality. The hall is in fact equipped with technologies providing the computerization of the sales process as a whole. An effective way to maximize transactions speed and transparency, but also to ensure strict monitoring of products traceability.