Morocco - Ivory Coast: Work landing point arranged for artisanal fishing
The project implementation work of the Landing Point (PDA) of artisanal fisheries "Grand Lahou" was launched on June 2, in Abidjan by King Mohammed VI in the presence of Ivorian Prime Minister Mr Daniel Kablan Duncan. The project that totals 20 million DH ( more than 1.2 billion CFA francs) was financed by the Mohammed VI Foundation for Sustainable Development amounting to 13 million DH and the Department of Maritime Fisheries (DH 7 million), and is part of the framework of South-South cooperation which reflects a strong testimony of friendship ties existing between Morocco and the Ivory Coast.

This project is planned to cover a constructed area of 3000 m2, and aims at encouraging the improvement of local fishermen working conditions by providing a structured framework for a craft activity deeply rooted in the Ivorian culture.
Located 150 km west of Abidjan, the project also demonstrates the commitment of Ivory Coast to encourage the development of infrastructure in the fisheries field, and for creating jobs, while decongesting Abidjan and its surroundings. Fishing sites located in Grand Lahou house 550 canoes (of which 110 provided on the PDA), 2,790 fishermen, 1,200 fishmongers and produce about 1,950 tons of fish and shellfish.

The delegate company for the implementation of this project will be "Attijariwafabank" while the Department of Maritime Fishing will validate the different specifications before launching consultations, and fulfilling monitoring as well as the acceptance of works.