Morocco: Launching a Call for Expression of Interest (CEI) for the selection of new upgrading projects of small pelagics in the province of Dakhla
The Department of Marine Fisheries announced on July 11, in a statement, the launch of a Call for Expression of Interest (CEI) for selecting new development projects of small pelagics in the province of Dakhla.. In the context of developing the southern provinces and implementing "Halieutis" strategy, the Department of Marine Fisheries supports and encourages the implementation of seafood value addition projects in this region through the allocation of fishing quota in the small pelagic fishery in the South Atlantic (stock C), covering part of the supply needs of the proposed value addition project, according to the ministry statement

Indeed, the Department of Marine Fisheries (DPM) continues the implementation of incentives allowing to increase the share of landings locally valued and industries development with high added value enhancement, in order to improve the level of wealth creation and employment in the region.

Targeted investment projects, in addition to generating wealth and jobs, should strengthen the industrial base of the region through supply diversification of value-added products and will be implemented in accordance with the Development Plan the small pelagic fishery of Stock C, a flagship project of the Halieutis strategy, according to the same source.
This is the completion of six (6) projects with high level of recovery of small pelagic and one (1) project of by products value addition. These projects include the creation of new units of land valuation associated with operating costs of small pelagics resources of the South Atlantic (Stock C), and thus through modern vessels, landing in the port of Dakhla depending on the availability of landing capabilities.

These projects will enable Dakhla province to valorize some 150,000 additional tons of the Small Pelagics Stock C per year and significantly increase the capacity of upgraders units of small pelagics installed in Dakhla.