The 15th session of FAO Sub-Committee on fish trade to be held in Morocco in 2016
At the closure of the 14th session of FAO Sub-Committee on fish trade held on 24-28 February 2044 in Bergen, Norway, the Kingdom of Morocco offered to host the fifteenth session of the Sub-Committee. The latter welcomed the kind invitation from the Kingdom of Morocco. Modalities as well as the date and venue will be determined by the Director-General in consultation with the Chairperson and in light of the international calendar of meetings.

The Sub-Committee on fish trade was established by the Committee on Fisheries (COFI) at its Sixteenth Session (1985) in accordance with Rule XXX-10 of the General Rules of the Organization and Rule VII of the COFI Rules of Procedure. COFI-FT provides a forum for consultations on technical and economic aspects of international trade in fish and fishery products including pertinent aspects of production and consumption.