Closure of the octopus fishing campaign: More than 5,706 T landed in the region of Dakhla Oued-Eddahab

01/05/2020 More than 5,706 tons (T) of octopus, with a total value of more than 394.39 million dirhams (MDH), were landed at small scale fishing villages in the Dakhla Oued-Eddahab region during the winter cephalopod fishing season which started on 1st January and ended on 15 April.

According to the figures provided by the maritime fisheries delegation in Dakhla, these landings recorded in the four fishing villages of Lassarga, Labouirda, Ntirifet and Imoutlane correspond to 99.77% of the overall quota (5,720 T) set for the small-scale fishing segment for this season, which lasted 105 days.

With regard to the distribution of this quota by site, the same source reports that more than 2,166 T of octopus, with a value of more than 168.38 MDH, were landed at the fishing village of Lassarga, more than 1,382 T at (90.33 MDH), more than 1,631 T at Ntirifet (102.16 MDH) and 526 T at Imoutlane (33.51 MDH).

The average price per kg of octopus at the fish markets in the four fishing villages varies between 62 and 78 DH, the same source said, adding that some 3,083 small scale fishing boats operate in the four fishing villages, including 1,169 in Lassarga, 746 in Labouirda, 884 in Ntirift and 284 boats in Imoutlane.

The overall octopus quota for this winter season is set at 22,000 tons, distributed among the three segments of the octopus fishery, 13,860 tons for the offshore segment, 2,420 tons for the coastal segment and 5,720 tons for the small scale segment in Dakhla.