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Groundfish Market Report - January 2009 [January 2009]

Groundfish in good demand

Demand for groundfish products seems to be less subject to the impact of the financial crisis worldwide. Surprisingly, consumption is increasing, probably as a result of the health drive on groundfish species consumption. Surprisingly, groundfish catches are expected to go up in 2009, which should keep the market well supplied
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Groundfish Market Report - August 2008 [August 2008]

Groundfish prices go up
The upward trend in Alaska pollack prices is impacting the world groundfish market. Decreasing catch quotas led to a 16% increase on prices during the first half of the year. Some producers are reporting a three fold increase in surimi raw material prices based on Alaska pollack and are looking for alternative species. Further price increases are likely for the second half of the year. Price trends in other frozen groundfish fillet segments are mixed, but as usual will follow the trend set by the Alaska pollack in due course.

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Hake Market Report - June 2008 [June 2008]


In 2007, landings of hake (including hoki) in Chile totaled 134 793 tonnes, 7.2% less than in 2006, when landings were 145 280 tonnes. These figures show that 2007 hake production was the lowest over the last ten years, and landings have been continuously falling since 2001.
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Hake Market Report - December 2007 [December 2007]

Hake is suffering, throughout the region, problems regarding the abundance of the resource. This has a negative impact on the traded volume. However, it is interesting to note that Uruguay has managed to become an important provider of some value added products to the European market, and is also placed as one of the main providers to some markets, such as Italy. As for the other countries, special attention will be paid to the state of the resource, and measures for stock preservation in the common fishing area with Argentina will surely continue.
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Catfish Market Report - December 2007 [December 2007]

The USA is still the world’s largest producer of catfish, but production is decreasing steadily. In 2003, production hit a record level of 300 000 tonnes, but this year, total production is estimated at around 200 000 tonnes. As for many other commodities, the US catfish production is influenced by the decision of farmers to grow agricultural crops rather than catfish, in view of expanding demand and higher prices of these products (bio fuel).
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Monday 10 December 2018
Top Info

Fish Info Network Directors meet at Conxemar, Vigo
In October each year the Spanish Association of Wholesalers, Importers, Manufacturers and Exporters of Fish products and Aquaculture (Conxemar) organizes the International Frozen Seafood Exhibition in Vigo, Spain.

Back to back with this event Conxemar jointly holds an international conference together with FAO. This year the conference was dedicated to cephalopods, a group of molluscs that includes squids, cuttlefishes, and octopus. The conference also provides the backdrop for various side events such as the Vigo dialogue on decent work in fisheries and aquaculture, and the meeting of the Fish Info Network (FIN).

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