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Aquaculture & Freshwater
Tilapia Market Report - November 2008 [November 2008]

Difficult supply situation for tilapia already over

Tilapia supply to the US market was curtailed by the problems experienced by Chinese producers during the cold winter 2007-2008, which destroyed several tilapia production centres. However, in the third quarter exports from China recovered showing that the country has already managed to overcome the problem.
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Tilapia Market Report – July 2008 [July 2008]

Scientists against tilapia
A pair of articles focusing on the fats in fish from the July 2008 issue of the Journal of the American Dietetic Association is puzzling consumers and health professionals alike. Consumption of fish, particularly oily fish, at least twice per week is recommended as a front-line fighter against heart disease because it is high in protein, low in total fat, and one of the only naturally-rich sources of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids.
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Tilapia Market Report - May 2008 [May 2008]

China loses tilapia in cold winter

The intense and long winter is reported to have badly affected tilapia production in China. Observers estimate that production could have dropped by as much as 80%. Tilapia traders worldwide forecast a significant scarcity this year, which could last for 8-12 months. Consequently, prices have started to rise. Chinese exports of tilapia to certain African markets may be affected until the situation improves. These developments could have a positive influence on Latin American tilapia producing countries like Ecuador, Costa Rica, Honduras and Brazil, which would be able to provide adequate supplies of tilapia, particularly fresh product, at better prices. Suppliers of marine whitefish species, many of which had been substituted by tilapia products in recent times will also be able to take advantage of the situation.

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Nile Perch Market Report - July 2007 [July 2007]

Bleak future outlook
The outlook for Nile perch remains bleak. On the one hand, catches are further declining, on the other hand, competition is strong and expanding in the fresh fillet segment. Anova, the leading importer of Nile perch into Europe, is expanding its interest in the pangasius trade. Lake Victoria fishing nations are well advised to strongly control fishing and fishing quotas, minimum sizes, etc of Nile perch in the lake
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Pangasius Market Report - May 2007 [May 2007]

2007 likely to be another bumper year
Viet Nam is expected to export over US$ 1 billion worth of tra and basa catfish in 2007, up from over US$ 700 million in 2006,
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Friday 18 January 2019
Top Info

Fish Info Network Directors meet at Conxemar, Vigo
In October each year the Spanish Association of Wholesalers, Importers, Manufacturers and Exporters of Fish products and Aquaculture (Conxemar) organizes the International Frozen Seafood Exhibition in Vigo, Spain.

Back to back with this event Conxemar jointly holds an international conference together with FAO. This year the conference was dedicated to cephalopods, a group of molluscs that includes squids, cuttlefishes, and octopus. The conference also provides the backdrop for various side events such as the Vigo dialogue on decent work in fisheries and aquaculture, and the meeting of the Fish Info Network (FIN).

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