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Aquaculture & Freshwater
Tilapia Market Report - January 2010 [January 2010]

Tilapia market recovery began in fourth quarter of 2009

Tilapia markets were influenced by the difficult economic situation and by low groundfish prices in all major markets. USA is still the major tilapia importing country, while China and Egypt are the main tilapia consuming countries. US tilapia imports expanded somewhat during 2008, with frozen fillets dominating the market, while all other product forms declined
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Pangasius Market Report - July 2009 [July 2009]

Outlook positive for pangasius

During the first months of 2009 pangasius was under pressure, as Russia and Egypt banned imports. In addition, negative press coverage in Italy and Germany scared consumers away from buying of pangasius. All over the world, local fishermen are complaining that the fish from Viet Nam is creating unwanted competition by undercutting prices substantially.
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Tilapia Market Report - May 2009 [May 2009]

Tilapia production worldwide continues to grow

The global financial crisis has reduced demand for tilapia and other Chinese export species, causing their domestic market prices to fall. However, it is likely that demand will revive soon, as lower priced seafood products are expected to sell well in coming months.
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Pangasius Market Report - May 2009 [May 2009]

Vietnamese pangasius still in a bonanza phase...

Viet Nam exported 640 000 tonnes of pangasius in the 2008, at a value of USD 1.45 billion. Compared with 2007, Pangasius exports increased by 48% in value and 66% in quantity. The growth slowed down somewhat in the last quarter, as a reaction to the worldwide economic downturn.
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Pangasius Market Report - February 2009 [January 2009]

2009 year of change

Vietnamese pangasius producers have to improve their quality and their business practices, in order to maintain their markets in Europe. Overall, 2009 will be an important year for the industry, moving from a booming industry into a more mature phase. The occasional quality problems, as the ones listed by the German journal will lead to more consumer resistance. The low price alone will not be able to maintain the EU market.
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Monday 10 December 2018
Top Info

Fish Info Network Directors meet at Conxemar, Vigo
In October each year the Spanish Association of Wholesalers, Importers, Manufacturers and Exporters of Fish products and Aquaculture (Conxemar) organizes the International Frozen Seafood Exhibition in Vigo, Spain.

Back to back with this event Conxemar jointly holds an international conference together with FAO. This year the conference was dedicated to cephalopods, a group of molluscs that includes squids, cuttlefishes, and octopus. The conference also provides the backdrop for various side events such as the Vigo dialogue on decent work in fisheries and aquaculture, and the meeting of the Fish Info Network (FIN).

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