Senegal: aquaculture production reached 1108 tons in 2018
Aquaculture production (fish farming, oyster farming, mussel farming, seaweed farming and crocodile farming) of Senegal was 1,108 tons in 2018, APA learned Tuesday from the Directorate of Forecasting and Economic Studies (DPEE).

According to this structure, which is based on data from the National Aquaculture Agency (ANA), production increased by 9.7% compared to 2017. "This performance is attributable to seaweed farming (more than 100%). %) and oyster farming (plus 100%) with respective productions of 301 tons and 395 tons ", underlines the DPEE. It is, in particular, explained by the establishment of new oyster farms and seaweed, favored by the facilitation of exports of macro-algae to China.
On the other hand, fish farming fell sharply by 40.6% during the period under review, due to a lack of fish feed in 2017 and 2018 at the ANA level, in relation to the difficulties of mobilization and / or the reduction of budgetary allocations by the State. Lack of food actually affects the quantity and quality of fry used for stocking farms.
Regarding mussel farming, it contracted by 61.3% over the period. Compared to the production target in 2018 (3,162 tons), an achievement level of 35.1% is recorded.
In perspective, the leaders of the ANA underline that the performances maintenance recorded between 2012 and 2016, an average growth of 92% per year, would go through the budgets mobilization registered in the performance contract signed with the State.