SENEGAL GUINEA BISSAU-COOPERATION: Signature of a new protocol
After long negotiations, the Minister of Fisheries and Maritime Economy, Mr. Oumar Gueye and the Secretary of State of Fisheries and Maritime Economy of the Republic of Guinea-Bissau, Mr. Ildefonso Barros signed the new protocol application of the agreement between the two Governments in the field of Fisheries, on April 1st , 2016 in Dakar.

This protocol specifies the practical modalities of implementation of cooperation in fisheries. Such renewal will allow small scale and industrial fisheries of Senegal to have access to the territorial waters of Guinea Bissau.

Respectively, the two Ministers renewed their commitment towards the fishing industry as a major focus of cooperation and economic integration, given its strategic role as a vector of socio-economic development and essential factor of food security.

In this regard, they stressed the need to adopt new approaches to fisheries sustainability, fight against illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) to promote the assessment and knowledge about resource stocks and encourage private operators to greater participation to strengthen their ties of friendship and brotherhood.