France: 50 million additional euros to help the sector

Emmanuel Macron, who called on Tuesday September 14, in front of the Assises of the sea in Nice, to "go faster" to "make France a great maritime power", promised a new envelope of around 50 million euros for the fishing industry, faced with the consequences of Brexit. "We have done the maximum and we will continue to do the maximum" to help fishermen, while the British are accused of not implementing the compromise on fisheries reached at the end of 2020, said the head of state.

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Morocco-Safi: Collection of red algae, a high added value sector

The collection of this "red gold", along the coast of the province of Safi, extended over 150 km and rich in fields of seaweed, from which is extracted the agar-agar, a very precious and highly prized product in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and agro-food sectors among others, is thus the main source of subsistence for many households during the year.

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50 women who matter: Majida Maâroufi, Director of the National Agency for the Development of Aquaculture

For us, it's not about celebrating Women's Day as an annual gift to the fairer sex. It is rather the occasion to take stock of an essential fight, that of the emancipation of half of the population and the evaluation of its contribution to social transformations, what is commonly called development and which cannot be not just about economic quantifications. For this, we have chosen to highlight a rich panel, through these representative portraits of this generation of women who take responsibility. A portrait to discover: Majida Maâroufi, Director of the National Agency for the Development of Aquaculture.

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