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Workshop on eco-labeling of octopus in Mauritania     [Print...]
The workshop on ecolabelling of the octopus fishery in Mauritania was organized in Nouadhibou from 26 to 27 October 2016, jointly by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United States (FAO), the Mauritanian Company of Fish Marketing (SMCP), the Ministry of Fisheries and Maritime Economy (MPEM) and INFOSAMAK Centre.

The workshop was attended by about 55 national and international experts representing the Ministry of Fisheries and Maritime Economy (MPEM), the Mauritanian Company of Fish Marketing (SMCP), the Mauritanian Institute for Oceanographic and Fisheries Research (IMROP), The Naval Academy of Mauritania (ANM), the Autonomous port of Nouadhibou (PAN), the Free Zone of Nouadhibou (FZN), Small scale fisheries and industrial fishing professionals, valuation professionals, in addition to experts from FAO.

Based on the FAO Guidelines for the eco-labeling of marine fisheries products and the methodology of the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), the workshop reviewed the various studies, research and Experiences in the exploitation of octopus in Mauritania in order to identify the achievements to be consolidated, the shortcomings and gaps to be filled. This work has been carried out taking into account the three pillars of marine fisheries management, namely: (i) the stock; (Ii) the ecosystem and (iii) the management system.

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    Friday 18 January 2019
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    Fish Info Network Directors meet at Conxemar, Vigo
    In October each year the Spanish Association of Wholesalers, Importers, Manufacturers and Exporters of Fish products and Aquaculture (Conxemar) organizes the International Frozen Seafood Exhibition in Vigo, Spain.

    Back to back with this event Conxemar jointly holds an international conference together with FAO. This year the conference was dedicated to cephalopods, a group of molluscs that includes squids, cuttlefishes, and octopus. The conference also provides the backdrop for various side events such as the Vigo dialogue on decent work in fisheries and aquaculture, and the meeting of the Fish Info Network (FIN).

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