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By Dr. Amadau Tall, Director INFOPECHE
The key to successful penetration to the international market is the quality of the products. Following the promulgation of new and stricter quality requirements by the major fish importing countries and also the adoption of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) by the Codex alimentarius and the World Trade Organization, the fish exporting countries including Morocco, initiated activities to modernize their fishery industry and put in place quality assurance systems for their products.

As these changes happened in the main importing countries, producers in Morocco become increasingly aware of their significance. The traditional methods of preservation and the simple systems for marketing and distribution of fish in Morocco pose a big challenge for applying effective quality assurance programmes for fish and fishery products

In Morocco, the fishery sector represents 16.6 per cent of the agricultural GDP. In terms of value, the fish products account for over 60 per cent of the national export and 15 per cent of the total exports. In terms of volume, about 80 per cent of the total products traded is sent to EU market; 13 per cent to Asian countries, mainly to Japan. Due to the high value species exported to Japan, Asia represents one third of the value and EU over half of the value.

Fish exports are increasing in volume and variety, representing a significant challenge for the National Competent Authority. The situation requires appropriate organization, resources, logistics and training to ensure that exported fish complies with international quality requirements

This paper focuses on the efforts made by Morocco to adapt to the new, stricter safety and hygiene regulations for fish and fishery products, particularly the introduction of the Quality Seal “label Maroc”.

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